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On the evening of Might 15-16, the eye of tens of millions of individuals can be drawn skyward, the place a mottled, coppery globe — the moon — can be fully immersed within the lengthy, tapering cone of shadow solid into house by our planet. If the climate is evident, skywatchers throughout many of the Americas, Europe and Africa could have a view of considered one of nature’s most stunning spectacles: a complete eclipse of the moon. 

In contrast to a complete eclipse of the solar, which frequently requires an extended journey to the trail of totality, eclipses of the moon can often be noticed from your individual yard. The passage of the complete moon by way of Earth’s shadow is equally seen from all locations inside the hemisphere the place the moon is above the horizon. The totality part of the upcoming complete lunar eclipse of Might 2022 can be seen throughout a lot of North America, all of South America, Central and Western Europe, and far of Africa (besides the intense japanese half), giving it a possible viewing viewers of two.7 billion folks!  

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